I started my WordPress account long back, since then I didn’t get enough time to post some relevant things. Since WordPress is a blog that people count on, I feel like posting rubbish is not good.

This is because in my family elders used to say that if you are sitting some where ‘give respect to the chair where you keep your buttocks because it can let you fall down if it doesn’t like you’.

I have accounts in some of the most famous blogging websites but I never pay any attention to them because I don’t know how to make even a post. But now there is a little confidence and a lot of time for me so that I can share my feelings with ourĀ  world.

This is my first post. Its always said that ‘The first impression is the best impression’. I don’t know whether this makes an impression on people who read this.

Please comment on my posts. Its your healthy response that make my posts healthy.

Thanks for your time

Yours Truly

Manoj Kumar Gangadharan Nair